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Island Bean has that authentic taste of the island!  I enjoy a cup anytime of the day.  Makes the perfect "cafe con leche", "cortadito".  Love the dark look and strong taste. It is never bitter.  If you like Café La Llave, Café Bustelo or Pilon you will Love Island Bean. It is so much better!

Judith Fleming


I really enjoyed the aroma and rich taste of Island Bean’s Espresso Cuban-style coffee.  I’ve visited a few of Miami’s legendary Cuban café’s where the coffee is made into an art form.  Its unique taste and smell are nothing like I’ve had before.  Finding a place that can replicate its taste is almost impossible until you've tried this coffee.  I prepared it in several different ways. Each time I get a bold and smooth flavor that makes me reminisce of those vintage smells you can only find in Miami’s Cuban café’s.   I’m so glad I found this coffee online. Now I can have REAL Cuban coffee the way it was meant to be.  I highly recommend this coffee!!

Joe O'neill


I love this coffee! Such a rich taste! The aroma is amazing! I’m a coffee lover and this has already become one of my favorites! Looking forward to buying more! Great customer service as well!!

Karina Gonzalez

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