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Who We Are

As a Cuban-American, I grew up waking up every morning to the sweet, rich aroma of fresh “Cuban coffee” brewing.  Cuban coffee is a strong, sweet, rich espresso.
As I got older I started to research what made this coffee different.  It is traditionally a dark roasted, finely ground coffee, using Arabica coffee plants. It is usually prepared using an expresso machine or an Italian Moka pot.  If making traditional “Colada” it is mixed with sugar as it brews.
We set out to explore, roast, and organically create and produce our own custom blend of the best espresso coffee. We roast our carefully selected beans in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. We are dedicated to roasting and packaging our coffee with the most respectable and responsible practices available and work with knowledgeable and skilled experts so that our coffee’s consistency and flavor is always to specification.  Our Espresso is perfect to drink as a Shot, Cappuccino, Cortado, Café con leche, Latte … any way you prefer it.
We are so very proud of our product. So, Enjoy!  “SIP like you have nowhere to be”

Coffee Drip
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